Dear Ms Chugh

With our years of experience, we have developed three tier Pitching presentation plan. We recommend pitch presentation to be divided into 3 parts & use them strategically during the pitching. The three parts are

  1. Promotors: This part is meant for highlighting the promotors, their capability, track & experience, as they are the people for running the show & responsible for ROI
  2. Pitch : This is overview in normally 15 to 20 slides about our proposal.
  3. Plans : This is detailed road map with business plan based on concrete facts & figures. It is most important & confidential part of presentation.

These three parts are prepared in single go but these shall be presented as per intertest of investor/Stages of discussion. It is suggested not to share all information in single go & let pitch get settled in investor’s mind & in second round depending upon the intertest of investor, come with other parts one by one.

Time period: It usually takes 20 working days for preparing Pitch presentation however this time may vary if there would be delay in inputs & approvals.

Involvement: Preparing pitch presentation will require active involvement of Top management. Please spare time from your schedule for this activity.

Commercial: The presentation shall cost Rs 115000/- ; 50% advance at the time of signing NDA & contract & 50% after approval before delivery of presentation.

Deliverables: The scope shall cover content writing for slides based on input provided by company, Designing of 80 slides, Animation, Sequencing, DFD

NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed by both parties to keep both parties information confidential.

Let me know you interest & I will arrange the quotation for you to proceed.