This article is mainly written for increasing awareness and encouraging employees of our company to improve and polish their technical and career empowerment skills with the professional. It's a golden opportunity for you all. So it's a request from you to grab and nourish your skills.

Terms and condition  for you to improve your skills are as follows:-

  •   company will help you financially in order to improve your skills.
  • maximum amount would be paid by company is 5000/-
  • duration of the course should not exceed 12 weeks.
  • your skill improvement course should should be done by you after the office hour.
  • every details regarding course you need to submit to HR department.
  • if you go for free online course, certification amount will be paid by the company. 
  • your skill improvement data should be seen in  your KPI too.

Note:- If you have any doubts and suggestion regarding this article ,kindly contact Hr Department.