1. 50% advance & 50% after approval
  2. If advance was not released than 50 % payment release if script is not approved/rejected/ NAP etc
  3. Working on  project to project bases
  4. Up-to 30 slides payment will be Rs. 5500/- after word per slide cost will Rs. 150/-
  5. If script is 35 slides payment will be same and if script is 36 slides than per slide cost will be applicable.   
  6. Per slide costing to be taken & standardize after discussion with member for customized package
  7. Payment will release within 24 hours after approval
  8.  1% TDS will deduct on every payment.
  9. Up-to 6 minutes ( + _ 30 secs)  script payment will be Rs. 5500/- after ward per minute cost will Rs. 750/-

Dear Vikas ji,

I fully agree with the compliance prepared by the Management and in fact, must congratulate the Management for crafting suitable conditions. I have always believed that the Management always thinks better than individuals for individuals.I am and have been obliged to our organization for remunerating me suitably continuously and sometimes higher than my capabilities.


On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 13:33 PM