Presentation requires images & videos, which either be supplied by you or to be sourced from internet . In most of the cases client original images and videos are highly recommended but in case those are missing, we may take it from internet after client suggestion. 


In case you are not interested in using internet clips & also not able to provide data,  we may recommend to use copyright purchase images/clips. But this option may be costlier than even your own shoot.


In order to complete presentation you are required to 


1.  Provide your own images/clips

2.  Approve Royalty paid images/clips



There are various videos/images available on internet which may be from anyone. These could be competitors, armatures, professionals, govt, copyright or copyright free.  In general, all material which is copy write free are not professional looking and of poor quality. Only videos worth of using are one created professionally which again would be either competitors or commercial agencies selling them to public.


We may only use copyright free material which either could be purchased or to be shot by professional.