Our base prices for services are given on website. These prices are calculated considering utilization of basic resources. For high end works we have different price slab and is majorly applicable for corporate clients, where multiple department/ senior or mid level management is involved. Following table will help you understanding the difference in utilization of resource & difference in prices.



Applicable to



Creative Head

Any project that demands high creativity & senior management involvement from client end.

4 X



Mid-level project, middle level management involved from client end

3 X


Graphic Designers

Graphic designers work with in house Creative Director or senior/middle management from client side

2 X



Executive designers work upon the instruction of seniors or directly receive instructions from client.

XBase cost


For better understanding you can go through this table.

Quality of design


Client end Management 



Custom designed template or high impact graphics required; complex animations; unique iconography or other presentation elements. Intense deadlines and ability to support multiple iterations and quick cycles.

High-level production; main stage type setting

Sr Execs

Large format, external facing, often includes amplification beyond live audience. May include influencer. 

High-end creative, Creative Director, multiple designers, project management 

Mid level design of creative, although often on corporate template

Large group or presentation format. Mid tier production level.

Mgmt to Sr Execs

Mid to large format external facing; may include amplification beyond live (but without high end creative requirements); often iterative of existing work coupled with new content

Mid level creative, Visualiser,  one to few designers, heavy transactional/iterations; less high level design required; limited project mgmt layer

Often use corporate template; often iterative work of previously existing presentation

Smaller meetings, may be "one off" presentations;

Mostly Below Sr Execs

Simply presentations without new creative requirements for graphics. Smaller audiences; often with face to face customer or partner meetings.  Internal meetings.

Mostly transactional; updates/edits; less high level creative design. Individual or direct designer engagement; no project mgmt layer required