Here is the Presentation requirement Audit:

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1. Why do you need presentation? (Did you have anything particular in your mind where you think presentation would help )

2. What is the subject on which you would like to have presentation?

3. Who are your target audience? Their age group? Gender if applicable

4. Who will be presenting the presentation?  (Marketing team, CEO or anchor )

5. What is the media where you planning to show the presentation? (Projector, TV, Laptop/Desktop or any particular screen )

6. What is the Type of Presentation? (Pitching, Product, Service, Company, factory, academics, other )

7. Features of presentation ( Auto run, interactive, auto run cum interactive )

8. Do you require voice? ( yes, no, only background music , other )

9. Any particular media (Power point, Flash, video, Hybrid, other)

10. Time slot you have or you think is required to explain through presentation i.e duration of presentation? ( upto 60 sec , 1 to 2 min, 2-4 mint, 4 to 6 mint , more than 6 minute )