Company follows the client partnership methodology for developing the projects thus we simplify the development complexities and reducing the development time. With this methodology company has finished more than 1000 Multimedia CD Presentation projects successfully.

  • Stage 1 :Understanding the business and prepare script with approval from client 
  • Stage 2 :Collection of all visual recourses and creative input for the film
  • Stage 3 :Voice over recording
  • Stage 4 :Designing of presentation
  • Stage 5 :Making of First Cut/Draft for Visual Content Evaluation
  • Stage 6 :IPR ( Internal Panel Review ) at Our end
  • Stage 7 :EPR ( External Panel Review ) at Client end
  • Stage 8 :Changes/Suggestions/Recommendation by client
  • Stage 9 :All Changes/Suggestions/Recommendation by client will be done at developers side and again sent to the client for Client's Approval
  • Stage 10 :Quality Check and Film be ready for final delivery

The complete process of making presentation should not take more than 15 days and if approvals would be fast, it should minimize to 7 working days.