Yes, we have content writers, who can help you build the content or script for your presentations. However it requires understanding & multiple communication between client & content writer. Following are steps for same after having initial discussion on phone or email

1. After understanding the subject, script writer come up with first draft.

2. Client reads that and put his/her remark and send back to content writer.

3. After making those changes, script writer returns the script back to client.

4. Ideally second draft is very close to finalization but client further may ask final touch ups, or "change on change"

5. Content writer makes final changes and sends the final draft to client. 

6. Client approves the content/script and designing team start work on final script/content 


Design team may not able to start work until script/content is finalized and approved by client. 

Cost for script/content writing varies as per complexity & package selected